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I love PLEDIS productions. Work it babe!

Orange Caramel revealed 1st MV teaser for “Lipstick” today! After watching it, I just thought it was amusing. One thing about Orange Caramel is that, they’re like the freshly squeezed orange juice, FRESH and SWEET. They can pull off any concepts just as well »»>

Candy Sweet caramel- Magic Girl 

Fairy Tale Caramel - A~ing

Clubby Caramel - Bangkok City 

Elegant Caramel - Shanghai Romance 

Sporty Caramel - Lipstick 

Turn the above into drinks, it’s gonna be awesome, Nana wants to drink it too 

According to Hyoyeon, Obama’s last name is ‘O’

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please share your beauty…


5/100 moments of YongSeo

when he says, he likes her hair down


Fantaken flick 1000 x 600 : Angelic Jung Ah at #AS3rdFanMeeting 120812

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